Buy an Photo Edition




How to buy an original photo edition



They are realized by "Picto"

on paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White 310gr

and on printer Epson 7900 with pigmentary inkEpson Ultrachrome.


These original editions are numbered, signed, pulled

in series limited by 500 copies, 5 of which are for the author

and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.


The panoramic photos are available in two sizes:

or in the indicated original size when you click the information of the image

or in the middle of this size ( height and length divided by two ! )



The others can be pulled in the format A4 or A2

including white edges according to the image.


They are accompanied with an invoice and with a certificate of authenticity.




Every edition is carefully protected and packed

in the tube cardboard for a maximum protection. 


For deadline count about 15 days.




These editions will keep several decades

if they are not exposed right in the sun

and put under glazed frame.



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